Hidden Assets – Do you have them?

BoxOn my post “Dr. Feel Good” I’ve mentioned that identifying your Hidden Assets is the most important part of my mentoring process. So what are hidden assets? Do you have them?

Of course you do! Although it is hard to identify them. The reasons for being incapable to identify them are your habits.

For example, a young lady that works in a restaurant as a hostess thinks that the job she does is for the sole purpose of putting her through school. So basically she sees herself as a simple hostess. Is it all she is? No! Actually she’s an expert in identifiying people and their needs.
Every day she works at the restaurant at an 8 hour shift. She works 6 days a week. In every shift she sorts about 200 people. She is trying to figure out what type of personality is standing in front of her, in order to fulfill their needs and wishes, thus being able to give an answer to their dreams and desires. 200 people a day are about 1,200 people a week, which are about 5,000 people a month. Given that she works there for 2 years now, and probably has been trying to identify personalities of around 120,000 people, our hostess has real expertise in identifying people and their needs.

And don’t forget that we are talking about hungry people, whom are out there for good food and great entertainment; they are paying customers, which will hopefully come back, thus will help pay her tuition. This kind of expertise that she acquired could be written into a book, a course and lectures. The book could be sold to over one million restaurants around the world, teaching their hostesses how to do a better job.

Unfortunately, this young lady can not see the hidden asset of her great acquired expertise, and instead sees only a temporary job that holds no future for her.

I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of people identify “new” hidden assets, which they have entailed for years, but never have been able to recognize. Together, after familiarizing with these “new” hidden assets, we build a marketing strategy to help promote and navigate these assets. At the same time, we build a new management strategy, which helps acquire new habits, ones that make changes in life, without risk.
The work of the mentor is to help identify those hidden assets, and help design the strategies and the new self-management system with the client, thus giving him or her, a hand to accelerate the change process with no fear and no inhibition.


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