How to Achieve Good Relationship Marketing


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After reading an in-depth and fascinating research by Professor Patricia Sorce about Relationship Marketing, I realized that there is a higher level approach to the subject then what we already know. It has to do with the Hidden Assets of personal relationships, networking and The Value System. I decided to take some time and think about how to help companies implement all the different integrals together, in order to succeed in achieving a good relationship marketing service.

After looking back at some of the companies I worked with, I noticed a pattern. At the beginning they all had good personal relationships, both internally between the employees, and externally with the costumers and suppliers, but once they grew and expanded they no longer managed to keep such personal relationships.

I was wondering what happened along the way that caused this, and I reached the conclusion that once a company expands it has more difficulties, basically due to time consumption and complacency, in keeping up close and friendly relationships.

I read in the book “Blink” that most doctors being sued for mal practice are the less kind and empathic ones to patients, rather then the ones that are empathic but actually make mistakes. The reason for this is that patients do not want to sue people they like. A research presented in the book showed that empathic doctors spend, in an average, three more minutes with a patient then the ones that are less empathic. Also, the empathic doctors listened more to what patients ask, and answer with respect to that. This emphasized how mare empathy and three additional minutes make so such difference.

I think that the same goes for Relationship Marketing. By paying more attention to your colleagues, asking questions and really caring for your customers needs and wished, you could maintain a good and close relationship, one that will promise loyalty and some times even new friendships. The worst that could happen is that you will miss a few more minutes in life, though I actually think that you will gain time. After all, maintaining a working relationship with an existing client will cost only 10% (time and money) from trying to recruit a new one.

What is your approach to Relationship Marketing? How does your company maintains Relationship Marketing between employees and clients?



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