How to Build an Effective Business Network

Givers are people that after learning as much as they can about you and your needs, will help you in the most natural and easygoing way and usually without even being asked. Their help could be translated into a good advice, an idea, a contact, or any other form that the giver could deliver on. The best giver you could have in your network is a proactive giver, one with high quality contacts who would have the wisdom to give you the highest value possible.

Takers are people that ask for favors, help, contacts, or advise but never give back anything valuable in return. If once a giver helped you, it probably was after you needed to ask him or her several times, and they will not let you forget about it. Takers are the kind of people you do not need in your network. Even if you heard that they are very connected or could help you in other ways, don’t bother, it most probably will only be a waist of time.


A social network diagram

A social network diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a nut shell – Networking is the art of giving to givers. Sounds simple, right? Then how is it, that so many of us “good guys and gals” find ourselves surrounded by takers, that is, people who know best how to exploit our skills, knowledge and our connections to their own advantage, but when it comes to giving something in return… well, that’s a whole different story. Of course, part of the problem lays in our inability to ask for what we need, but that could be solved easily, once we follow the thumb rule: Give only to givers.

Just think of what your life would be like, if you had a few quality people in your immediate circle. I am referring to people with quality networking systems, or people who hold key positions, either at your business domain or a complementary one. If you would manage to maintain a good mutual value relationship with them, you could have a great team “working” for you. Of course, when I say “working” I do not mean that you will pay for their help, knowledge, advice or contact, but rather give them back, on the same token. Note that the people you could be surrounded with are proactive givers! They could be looking for new and better opportunities at any given moment – just for you.

Sounds like a dream – right ?!

Well, when I teach about networking I refer to what I termed “The Value System”. The value system is the best method that could teach, very simply and intuitively, how to identify a person that wants to give and help you, best way he or she can. From my experience, building true and giving relationships, with high value givers, is the best way to get there.

More about the Value System in my next post “The Value System”.

Meanwhile I will be more than happy to hear what you thinking!



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