Is There a System That May Allow You To Be Happy?

Moringa oleifera

Moringa oleifera (Photo credit: dinesh_valke)

Being happy…

Is that all we want?

We want to be healthy.

We want to be talented.

We want to do something we love.

We want exciting relationships.

We want…

Every day we have many assignments we need to accomplish…

Some of them we like, others not so much.

We may be good at some of them and at others… Not really.

Some we may want to do and some we may not.

Some may interest us and some may bore us to tears.

some we must do and others we can neglect.

Some we may take upon ourselves to accomplish and some we may be glad to pass on to others.

Some may be urgent and some may be put off.

And some assignments are important and some may be a waste of time.

Imagine an assignment that is not importnat, not interesting, not exciting, not urgent, one that we suck at and that we suffer while doing it. Nevertheless, we do it… Is it a moment of happiness?

Or an assignment that IS important, IS interesting, IS exciting and urgent, IS fun to do and we ARE good at it. Even if the results won’t be impressive… We will enjoy doing it, right?

Some people say we should enjoy the moment and smile all the time and others say…

That we should suffer in order to win…

Why not enjoy the moment and the final result too???

Each moment of joy and excitement is a gold coin in the happiness bank.

May your coins multiply!

I’ll be very glad to get your comments, viewpoints and questions.



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