Life Experience Teaches Us To Be Happier

Failure of a tank to cross a trench

Failure of a tank to cross a trench (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When people ask me:

“Opher, do you consider yourself to be a successful person?”

I reply: “I have failed in 50 percent of all tasks I have accomplished so far!!!

That also means that I have done well with the other 50 percent!!!”

Is it good or bad in your opinion?

Let’s analyze:

I have initiated and accomplished thousands of tasks and haven’t rested for a minute.
I have set high-mark goals and achieved a large number of them.
I have celebrated every success, every single one!!!
I have studied every failure

And the big prize is…

Life experience!

And that you cannot learn at university or in workshops, not in lectures and not from books.
I failed, learned from it, experienced and accumulated experience.

So when you set large goals for yourself and break them into smaller goals, when you succeed in some of them and fail in others, keep in mind that you have received a present: life experience!!!

And experience teaches us:
Where did we make mistakes?
Where did we succeed?
Why did we make the mistakes we did?
Why did we succeed in what we did?
How to recognize what was already written on the wall?

The next failure is our success.

How do we cope with failure?
How do we cope with success?
How do you know who your true friends are?
How can you keep around you those who are better than you?

Some of our failures are the result of a bad annual planning, some of an incorrect goal mapping.
Some might be the result of working without control and knowledge of managing tasks and some of mistaken analysis of our failures or successes.

I am not afraid of failure or success.
You are not afraid of failure or success.
Our life experience is a guide-book and we can give some of this experience to those around us.

It’s the guide-book to your success.
It’s a guide-book to the success of others.

Your Life Experience
How to succeed in the next years knowing what I already know.


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