2012 – Challenges and Opportunities for Your Business Career

The era in which we are living will be written in the history books as an era of great change. Technology has already become a crucial part of our lives and now, a powerful change is taking place in the economy and employment fields.

The population has grown and many people reach age 40 and over. These people, who have accumulated a great amount of experience and knowledge during many years of work, become more expensive for the companies which employ them. Many of them find themselves jobless.

This is not a passing trend. This is a constant shift which will probably continue during the next decades.

It is very simple to replace a person with a machine these days. Take the bank teller, for instance, who is almost completely replaced today by the ATM. The cashier at the supermarket, the guard at the parking complex and many other professionals slowly disappear. There are even smart shopping carts today, which replace the cashiers at the supermarket and provide the customer with an incredible shopping experience.

Academic studies are losing their prestige and importance in the business world. Anyone can get into college these days and graduate with a fancy degree. Hundreds of thousands of people specialize in the same field and cannot find a job.

Those who find a job, reach age 40 or over and lose their employment, remaining with many habits acquired over the years. At this point, when no other workplace opens its doors to them, They have only one choice left: reinvent themselves.

We live in the entrepreneurship era, the era of small businesses and start-ups, the era of creativity and initiative. A person who has lived all her life as an employee must acquire new habits in order to become a successful entrepreneur. This is a survival tool, An existential necessity, no less!

The question is: can a person, who has lived all her life as an employee, become a successful entrepreneur? Moreover, can this person use all the knowledge and experience she has accumulated throughout her life at this new stage?

There are two main ways for using your existing knowledge and experience: you can sell it or turn it into a technological product. You can offer advice based on what you have learned or package your knowledge as a book or website. The technological version can be an application for smart phones, software for PC’s, or a service offered through a website.

The smart thing to do is not to rest on your laurels, but rather to constantly learn new things. This is the only way to ensure your survival in this ever-changing world.

People are motivated by fear. If your knowledge and experience can offer a solution to one of these fears, you can easily create a product or service. Many people sell their knowledge and make a fine living by it.

The best example is the story of David DeAngelo, a rock musician, who couldn’t find work in his field of choice. He decided to use the tremendous knowledge he has acquired through the years about dating and relationships and has become one of the most famous experts on the topic. He has been selling his books, courses and workshops for millions of dollars.

The change we must undergo focuses on the knowledge we have accumulated and the habits we have acquired throughout our lives. We need to learn how to package our knowledge and experience and how to change our habits in order to fit the world of entrepreneurship.

You don’t have to sit at home for a year or more any longer, send thousands of copies of your CV, receive rejection after rejection, and feel how your self-confidence and your quality of life become worse and worse. Becoming an entrepreneur offers you the advantage of using what you already know and have. You can start down a new path, which can bring with it great satisfaction and allow you to achieve many goals.

Everything we have been familiar with is changing: the fields of marketing and advertising are different, universities are slowly shutting down, many professions are disappearing and others sprout out of nowhere. Did you know there are people who work as Social Media managers these days? They manage the presence of different companies and businesses on different social networks in order to promote their businesses. There was no such profession ten years ago. Today it is one of the most sought-after expertise.