It Seems As If A Thousand Years Had Passed Since 2002…

Let’s look in the rearview mirror at the last ten years:

  • The technology crossed the 1,000 MPH line
  • Governmental and regulatory systems move at a dizzying speed
  • The education systems are as slow as a tired tortoise

That’s why integrating all these systems is almost impossible and the result is an unclear future. It’s harder for us to make decisions and much harder to understand what’s going on around us. New information is added every day and we have no energy or time to learn everything and define our goals.

Stop for a moment and think:

  • Ten years ago we didn’t really know what Google is
  • Nine years ago Facebook didn’t exist
  •  Eight years ago we didn’t know what Twitter is
  • Seven years ago we didn’t imagine people would read books on their iPads
  • Six years ago we didn’t know the iPhone would run the world
  • Five years ago we didn’t know the mobile phone would disappear and be replaced by a system for the management of applications
  • Four years ago we didn’t know that everyone would have a Masters degree and the demand for MA graduates would decrease
  • Three years ago we didn’t know that companies will start closing down at an alarming rate
  • Two years ago we didn’t understand that at age 45 we would find ourselves unemployed and, unable to find a new job, we would need to become entrepreneurs
Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

The world is experiencing a fast-pace change. People are confused. They follow trends and economic bubbles which explode in their faces, or become hypnotized by gurus, who promise them unrealistic miracles. We don’t really have the tools to cope with the present or the future… Everything our mother taught us is no longer relevant in the new reality.

Where there is chaos, there are  always smart entrepreneurs who enjoy the fruit of their strategies. Where there are new needs, there are also small-time entrepreneurs who make millions.

Many years ago, at the time of the gold rush in America, hundreds of thousands of people dreamed of becoming rich and most of them remained poor. The entrepreneurs who sold services to the gold seekers became the richest of all.

So don’t look for gold. Don’t get stuck with the thinking patterns of 2002. Learn about the world of tomorrow today, before it is too late. Take responsibility, find out what the future looks like.

History does not repeat itself, my friends, it is being written as we speak. We have to know how to lead ourselves at this time. If we don’t learn to survive, the world will lead us forward without any control over our future.


Opher Brayer