Mr. Opher Brayer, Founder of Brayer Group, is a Business Mentor and Corporate Consultant. For the last 25 years, Opher has conducted independent research in the multidisciplinary field of creative management development. Based on this research, Brayer Group was established to enable corporations and individuals to increase their management creativity quotient, and thus their effectiveness.

Opher has developed over 60 new and inspiring methodologies for enhancing creativity, problem solving & innovation including generating processes such as “Problem Definition Algorithms”, “Modeling Success”, “The Art of Failure”, “Management Focus Orientation”, “Talent Model” that develops the talent level of both the individual and the team, “Business Networking Game”, “ Executive Management Success Formula”, and most known “Managing the Grey areas” methodology.

Opher has studied with Michael Hewitt Gleeson (Jack Welsh’s mentor)
Jay Abraham (The Guru of marketing) and many more world known business mentors and he is also an NLP certified coach.

On December 19 2003, Opher has been selected as one of the world’s 60 greatest business mentors, in recognition of his outstanding expertise, to develop business Breakthroughs.
Opher specializes in developing structured processes for the generation of new and valued ideas and solutions for business management. Specially designed processes for management, using “Systems Thinking”, “Business Dynamics”, NLP and creativity methods, are the latest example tools that enhanced Opher’s ability to develop new approaches for business.

The Business Management formula IS the leveraging of the organization’s capabilities in the following areas:
· Creativity – Creative problem solving
· Discipline – Innate self discipline of every employee
· Simplicity – Creation of simple processes
· Sales & Marketing orientation – where ALL employees support Brand build-up and the quarter/year $$$ bottom-line



Talent design, Systems modeling, Management team analysis and design.
Indevidual’s operating system analysis and design.
Professional Management Mentoring

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