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In recent years, we have witnessed several trends in the employment world.  People over the age of 45, who have accumulated a great amount of professional experience, are fired or quit their jobs and cannot find work elsewhere.

Another trend concerns young people who graduate with degrees in law, business management or any other field, but find themselves working in a different field altogether.

We know that excellence is a crucial component of success, but the most important component is the personal talent of each one of us.  Whether you excel academically or have experience in a specific industry, the world seeks talented people.  Among all the people who hold degrees and have experience, the world seeks talented people.

The popular belief is that talent is inborn.  There are no scientific evidence to support this theory and it creates a false idea in people’s minds.  The question is: Is it possible to create and cultivate talent in an untalented individual?  This is the topic of Ophers lifelong work.  and the conclusions are unequivocal: Talent can be cultivated and there is no difference between a “synthetic” talent and an “inborn” talent.

This year we have chosen for you five topics which relate to creating and fortifying talent in the business world. We have found that there is an increasing need for exceptionally talented people in the market today. We have also added two lectures/workshops concerning topics of general enrichment: how to develop multifaceted talents and how to create a feeling of happiness and maintain it.

Each topic has a lecture and a workshop based on original methodology by Opher Brayer.

It can be taken alone or combined together, as needed and desired.

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Lectures and Workshops Of General Enrichment 

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