How To Develop A Multifaceted Talent


In the near future, untalented people won’t survive in the workplace.  Every profession or function which calls for rational decision making and which has no need for talent, will be replaced by a technological system.  For instance, the bankteller has already been replaced by the ATM – a system which is more productive, accessible and the human service has no advantage over the technological alternative.

The bankteller has been recently joined by the supermarket cashier and in the near future, millions of professionals will join the unemployment ranks.  The competition will change – no longer man versus man, but rather man versus machine. The writing is on the wall and the results are already felt every day.

Is our talent inborn or acquired? And if it is acquired, how can one acquire and cultivate it? What is talent, actually? What are its components? Because we cannot be certain in which area our kids will have to excel 20 years from now, we must help them develop a multifaceted talent right now.

A 75-minute lecture, presented by Opher Brayer.

The lecture offers a general overview of the outlook behind the development of multifaceted talent. The system which has been developed by The Brayer Group is unique in its integration of seemingly unrelated areas and skills.

A 4-hour workshop, presented by Opher Brayer.

The workshop teaches techniques for developing talent, and the high level of creativity it can offer each one of us.


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