How To Develop A Talent For Exceptional Innovation

In a world which relies on new technologies every day, the term “Innovation”is used frequently in organizations and companies. What is innovation, actually? Innovation offers a manager a toolbox which helps him/her identify the correct solution for a complex problem and use the suitable technique to cope with any given challenge. Innovation creates an encyclopedia of techniques and codes in the systematic thinking through practice.

Most tools are simple and are based on thinking within the box, as well as original thinking and healthy and effective analytical processes, which can help create strategies, tactics, techniques and tests within the organization.

These tools may be useful in the fields of marketing and advertising, in brainstorming sessions, in encouraging a creative organizational culture, in developing leadership and innovation abilities in groups and individuals. The acquired codes are suitable for workers, researchers and students, who wish to develop and fortify creative thinking in their specific area of work or study.

A 75-minute lecture, presented by Opher Brayer.

 A 4-hour workshop, presented by Opher Brayer.

The workshop teaches a simple, yet revolutionary technique – how to create 100 products in 20 minutes. You will also learn techniques in creative thinking, thinking skills in different areas, systematic thinking, objective thinking and critical thinking


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