How To Develop Networking And Relationship Skills


Do you go to conventions in order to add more people to your Linkedin or Facebook? Do you think you will meet the right people there? Have you ever found there someone who improved something in your work processes? And what can you offer these people, aside from selling them something?

Imagine that at any given moment in your professional life there are ten people around you, some of them have more important jobs than yours, some have as many contacts as you do, some are renowned experts in your area or in parallel fields… They all have one thing in common: the constant thought of how to assist you. How can you reach these people? And how can you create relationships with them?

Managing complex systems requires at times the skill of untangling and decluttering, but creating more and more strong, reliable contacts can actually take us to a higher level of accomplishment.

Networking refers to a net of personal contacts each one of us has in many different areas. Using the networking skill can help us develop our influence within and without the organization on clients and suppliers, optimize our management of our surroundings and create turning points in our professional and personal lives.

A 75-minute lecture, presented by Opher Brayer.

The lecture offers an innovative outlook, principles used by Israeli networking experts and tools to implement this outlook.


A 4-hour workshop, presented by Opher Brayer.

The workshop offers tools for creating contacts and promoting turning points professionally and personally.


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