How To Help Your Workers Start The Day With A Smile

Do you feel unmotivated in the morning? Do you feel tired of your work? Are you frustrated? Is life running you down and you are not sure what you really want any more?

All you want is to be happy and you definitely deserve it.

Are there ways to create and sustain happiness or does happiness fill us without our control?

 A 75-minute lecture, Presented by Opher Brayer.

The lecture offers a special method we have developed for creating happiness through daily achievements. You will learn how to turn each small achievement into a sweet moment of joy!

A 4-hour workshop, presented by Opher Brayer.

The workshop teaches simple techniques for solving daily problems, methods of managing tasks smartly, how to create cdaily challenges, how to meet them successfully and, as a result of all these techniques, how to wake up every day full of energy, excited and with a big smile.

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