How To Manage a Smart And Effective Discussion



Have you ever found yourself present at a discussion and feeling it was a waste of time? The discussion is long, everyone talks but nothing effective comes out of it?

The lecture will explain how to manage a smart and effective discussion according to the Mastermind principles, which were first presented by Napoleon Hill in 1937, in his book Think And Grow Rich. The principles show how to coordinate knowledge and efforts in harmony in order to achieve a known and defined goal.

The Advantage in a Mastermind group is that all participants create tangible, applicable challenges and goals which contribute to the progress of each participant. The group consists of professionals who make sure the objective of the group is met within the set time limit. The group meets on a regular basis in order to give and receive advice, feedback and ideas. A Mastermind group can make the difference between a wish or dream and a real achievement.

In the last 20 years, we have researched at the Brayer Group the process which integrates networking and offering value to others, guides managers in creating professional and effective group work and promotes the ideas, desires and goals of the organization and individual at the same time.

A 75-minute lecture, presented by Opher Brayer.

A 4-hour workshop, presented by Opher Brayer.

The workshop teaches how to practice the seven basic principles of a successful Mastermind group: creating an effective timetable, managing challenges as a group, constantly checking processes, keeping an objective approach, keeping sight of goals at all times, collaborating and staying flexible and open-minded to changes.

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